Q-Secure Your Cloud Infrastructure.

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The future of Cybersecurity is Autonomous

Stay Ahead of Cyber Threats with Singularity XDR. Unleash Autonomous Protection and Unrivaled Security Analytics for Your Enterprise.

Cyber AI built for the speed

The first self-learning AI that will surface threats with transparency into its decisions. Let AI be your best threat detection tool and lead you to root cause and remediation. No rules or training data required.

Application level

Advanced zero-day exploits that turn your mobile phone into a listening device.

Harden karnel

Full anonymity to protect against identification of your device

Full anatomy

Complete geo-location protection and no Meta data recording

Q-Secure secure phone

Q-Secure secure phone provides full anonymity to product against identification of your device, complete geo-location protection, no meta data recorded and rock-solid protection against zero-day exploits that true your mobile phone into all listening device.

Introducing: Artificial Intelligence that’s actually intelligent.

We could call our Self-Learning AI the most powerful og its kind but the truth is, there’s nothing else quite like it.

It doesn’t just learn your organization, inside and out down to the smallest digital details. It actually understand what’s normal to identify what’s not. Which make it incredibly effective and dealing with and even preventing the most sophisticated cyber-attacks.

Our Mission

Q-Secure aims to provide the next gen cutting edge cybersecurity solution to bring inspiration and innovation to every business and government in the world.

Our Vision

Q-Secure is committed to be the global leader in the mobile security industry.

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